Tax Planning for Entertainers

Brooklyn tax planning

Proactive planning is essential to controlling tax obligations for the entertainment industry and the accountants at Custom Accounting Inc are here to help. We know the complex state, federal, and international tax laws that impact the entertainment industry and have the strategies to effectively and legally reduce your taxes. We're constantly studying the tax code and developing new techniques so you can always be confident that you never pay more than you owe and always stay in compliance with all current tax regulations. If you have already fallen behind on your taxes, we can prepare back tax returns and get you caught up with the IRS to avoid further penalties and stay up to date moving forward.

Some accountants only connect with clients at tax time but we’ll stay in touch with you throughout the year. As your tax advisor, we strive to make ourselves available to answer questions and assist you in making important financial decisions that could impact your taxes. With our recommendations, you’ll reduce your tax burden and will retain more of your income. Call us now at (646) 661-2010 to learn more or request a consultation online now.

Tax services for the entertainment industry:

  • Tax planning for entertainers
  • Tax compliance
  • Tax preparation (multi-jurisdictional, businesses and individuals)
  • Entertainment business tax preparation
  • Revenue recognition
  • Film amortization
  • Transfer pricing
  • Royalty tracking